Often I get asked, with the advance in phone and affordable digital camera capabilities, why is it worth taking the time and money to hire a professional to take your family photographs?​

There is more to photography than having the right kit, and I could bore you with all the technical jargon, but more importantly I find many of my clients rarely take (or have!) the time to get 'that' family shot.  

Life is always taking over and the effort of getting everyone together, setting up a camera with a timer and moving everyone into frame, getting all the kids to look at the camera, making sure everyone has their eyes open and be smiling... by the time you've taken one or two, you're so exhausted by the whole thing you most likely give up.  

The same for both new born and couples/engagement photos. People rarely set out the time to take a proper photograph - even I, when I got engaged, realised that at the end of our trip we did not have ONE photo together that wasn't on our iPhones. 

Working with me will allow you that piece of mind, knowing that at the end of our session you'll have not just one but a selection of 'mantlepiece' worthy photographs to share with your loved ones. 


How many edits do you allow?

I ofer two rounds of editing with the photographs that have been selected.